Bid-rigging, price-fixing and other agreements between competitors

Many types of agreements between competitors can enhance competition and benefit the economy. However, certain agreements can significantly harm competition and are against the law.


Services and information

Common types of illegal agreements

Learn to recognize and prevent criminal offences like price-fixing, market allocation, restricting supply, and bid-rigging.

Reporting illegal agreements

Learn how to report suspected wrongdoing, and the protections available to you as a whistleblower or as a participant in an illegal agreement.


Incentives for cooperating with an investigation

Learn about the programs that offer immunity from prosecution or lenient treatment to those who cooperate with the Bureau’s investigations.

Other agreements that may harm competition

Learn how competitors can collaborate without harming competition, and how the Bureau reviews agreements under the civil (non-criminal) provisions of the Competition Act.


Retail gasoline prices

Learn how the Bureau investigates price-fixing and protects competition in the gasoline sector.

Collusion risk assessment tool for procurement agents

Use our interactive online tool to gain an early warning about potential risks of bid-rigging, as well as mitigation strategies to minimize those risks.

Cases and outcomes

Instances of illegal agreements and their outcomes