Sweepstakes refunds for Canadian victims

The Federal Trade Commission, a United States public agency that protects consumers from fraud, is returning money to Canadians who were defrauded by deceptive sweepstakes and prize scheme operated by Next-Gen, Inc. between 2013 and 2018.

The Competition Bureau is assisting the FTC in its refund program to ensure Canadian victims benefit from it.

Canadians who lost money to Next-Gen Sweepstakes will receive a letter by mail with a check in US currency of the amount of their refund.

The FTC sued the operators of Next-Gen Sweepstakes in a U.S. court for sending tens of millions of deceptive personalized mailers to people across the U.S. and in dozens of other countries, including in Canada. The mailers falsely told people that they had won or were likely to win a substantial prize, as much as $2 million US, in exchange for a fee ranging from $9.00 to $139.99. Many people responded to multiple deceptive mailers, paying the fees several times.

In total, over seven thousand Canadians will receive nearly $1.2 million US in redress payments.

Find out more about the Next-Gen refunds on the FTC’s website.

For help with your refund, please call the FTC’s refund administrator for information in English or French at the following toll-free number: (833) 721-2728. You can also send an email to admin@nextgenrefund.com.

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