How we foster competition

The Competition Bureau works to support and protect Canadians by fostering a competitive and innovative marketplace. We do this using various methods, including advocacy, outreach, consultations, partnerships, and enforcement.


Services and information

Collaboration and partnerships

Domestic and international partnerships, international cooperation, international trade

Compliance and enforcement

Voluntary compliance, resolving non-compliance in civil and criminal cases


Consultations, discussions papers, workshops

Education and outreach

Tips for consumers and businesses, publications, news releases, speeches, information sessions

Promotion and advocacy

Regulatory advice and interventions, market studies, reports

Why competition matters

Discover how competition drives Canada’s economy.

Our organization

Learn about the Bureau and the Commissioner of Competition and find out about our senior executives, branches, legislation, transparency initiative, agreements with domestic partners and job opportunities.

COVID-19 pandemic

Learn about what the Bureau is doing to protect consumers and businesses from anti-competitive activity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.