Our organization

The Competition Bureau is an independent law enforcement agency that advocates for and protects Canadian consumers and works to foster a competitive and innovative marketplace in which Canadian businesses can prosper.

We are the “watchdog” of competition. We enforce the Competition Act, Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act, Textile Labelling Act and Precious Metals Marking Act, and will not hesitate to take action when business is not carried out in ways that are truthful, fair and legal.

We work to protect and promote competition by:

  • ensuring truth in advertising
  • investigating illegal agreements that hinder competition
  • preventing abuse of market power
  • reviewing mergers
  • advocating for competitive and fair marketplaces
  • working with a variety of Canadian and international organizations.

Benefits of competition

  • a healthy competitive economy increases productivity and benefits us all with lower prices and more choice
  • it provides consumers with competitive prices, product choices and the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions
  • it strengthens businesses’ ability to adapt and compete in global markets
  • it stimulates an efficient economy and encourages growth
  • it gives small and medium sized businesses a better chance to compete and participate in the economy
  • it balances the interests of consumers and producers, wholesalers and retailers, dominant, mid size and minor players, the public interest and the private interest.

When competition is unhealthy, dishonest or illegal, the effects can be devastating for Canadian consumers and businesses.

At the Competition Bureau, we help ensure that Canadian consumers and businesses enjoy the advantages of a competitive and innovative marketplace. Competition drives our economy, helps Canada realize its full economic potential, and benefits consumers through lower prices, greater choice and increased levels of quality and innovation.