Bureau careers: What we do

The Competition Bureau is an independent law enforcement agency that protects and promotes competition for the benefit of Canadian consumers and businesses. Competition drives lower prices and innovation while fueling economic growth.

We are the “watchdog” of competition. We work to protect and promote competition by:

  • ensuring truth in advertising;
  • investigating illegal agreements that harm competition, like price-fixing and bid-rigging;
  • preventing abuse of market power;
  • reviewing mergers;
  • advocating for competitive and fair marketplaces; and
  • working with a variety of Canadian and international organizations.

A supportive and rewarding work environment

The Competition Bureau is an independent law enforcement agency and one of eighteen federal departments and agencies that make up the Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Portfolio.

ISED has been named one of:

  • Canada's Top 100 Employers in 2023;
  • National Capital Region’s Top Employers in 2023; and
  • Canada’s Best Diversity Employers in 2023.

These awards recognize Canadian employers with exceptional human resources programs, forward-thinking workplace policies, and leading workplace diversity and inclusiveness programs.

We are also committed to the ongoing professional development of our employees. We offer a range of learning programs, from knowledge-based courses, such as industrial organization and law, to practical courses, such as interviewing techniques and effective negotiation. We strive to develop leaders and offer quality leadership development, including hands-on training and mentorship.

  • Competition Law Officers

    Competition Law Officers work at the intersection of law and business. They gather and assess information from the marketplace and other sources to determine whether businesses are running afoul of Canada’s Competition Act.

    Your responsibilities as a Competition Law Officer may include:

    • conducting research and analysis on potential competition issues;
    • gathering information and evidence;
    • conducting interviews with senior business people;
    • conducting online investigations;
    • conducting economic analysis;
    • supporting the Bureau’s litigation before the courts; and
    • briefing and making recommendations to senior management

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    Unlock Your Career Potential: Insider Insights from Sarah Sullivan Partridge, Senior Competition Law Officer - Transcript

    [Text on screen: If you’re looking for a dynamic work environment where critical thinking and analysis is key...]
    [Image on-screen: Camera zooms in, then out on a person speaking on-screen. The person is sitting on a black chair in front of a white backdrop and has a pleasant facial expression.]

    [Text on screen: ...then the Competition Bureau is the right place for you.]
    [Image on-screen: The person is walking on the street, approaching the entrance to an office building. They walk past several parked vehicles and turn to walk up a flight of stairs at the building entrance.]

    [Text on screen: As a law enforcement agency...]
    [Image on-screen: As the person opens the door and enters the building, a sign overhead says Place du Portage.]

    [Text on screen: ...we’re action-focused. We’re doing important work on improving the marketplace in areas that affect us all.]
    [Image on-screen: The person approaches a security desk inside the office building and uses a government identification card to scan in through a set of transparent doors. The doors open and the person enters. An elevator is visible in the background.]

    [Text on screen: Our work leaves all Canadians...]
    [Image on-screen: The person presses the elevator button.]

    [Text on screen: ...better off in their everyday lives...]
    [Image on-screen: Shot from behind a coffee table with a geometric metal paperweight on it. The person is seated inside their office on a rolling chair. They slide their chair forward to move closer to the desk. Two large desktop monitors, a laptop, and several reference books are on their desk. There is a small lamp on the corner of their desk and two small framed pictures on the wall.]

    [Text on screen: whether they’re buying concert tickets...]
    [Image on-screen: Blurred shot of an audience at a concert holding up their phones to capture the performing band onstage. Flashing lights.]

    [Text on screen: ...renting a car...]
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    [Text on screen: We have many exciting tasks to do in our investigations...]
    [Image on-screen: Shot of Ottawa’s downtown skyline, Parliament buildings and Ottawa River as seen through an office window.]

    [Text on screen: ...interviewing important witnesses ...]
    [Image on-screen: A person is seated on a black leather chair in a room with a window behind her. The person is holding a black coiled notebook in one hand and a pen in the other and has an expression of concentration while talking to another person in front of them.]

    [Text on screen: ...testifying at court... .]
    [Image on-screen: Metal figure of a blindfolded person holding the scales of justice in one hand and a sword in the other hand.]

    [Text on screen: ...meeting with the targets of our investigations... .]
    [Image on-screen: Two people in suits are seated at a table in front of another person whose back is to the camera. The person on the left is frowning and asking questions from the person seated across them, who is shaking their head. The person asking questions is holding a pen. Two open coiled notebooks and a half-full glass of water are in front of them. The person on the right is looking attentively at the others.]

    [Text on screen: ...settling a case, or filing it at court.]
    [Image on-screen: A person seated inside a witness box is speaking to two people standing in front of them.]

    [Text on screen: It’s incredibly rewarding and gratifying to see the positive responses to our work.]
    [Image on-screen: Camera zooms in and out on the narrator from the beginning of the video. They are seated on a black chair in front of a white backdrop with a joyful and enthusiastic expression.]

    [Text on screen: We know we’ve done a great job, and we can see the results.]
    [Image on-screen: Nine individuals walk together outside an office building with glass windows. Their expressions are happy and proud.]

  • Paralegals

    Our paralegals are a key part of the case team. They help officers and lawyers by organizing and reviewing evidence that is gathered from the marketplace to determine whether there is or potentially will be a threat to competition. We rely on our paralegals to ensure their team reaches case milestones in a timely manner.

    Your responsibilities as a Paralegal may include:

    • conducting research and analysis;
    • gathering information and evidence;
    • supporting the case team;
    • handling and preserving evidence; and
    • preparing material for litigation

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  • Enforcement Support

    Enforcement support includes a variety of positions that help our enforcement teams work effectively. Being a part of an enforcement support team means being an innovator and working with people from diverse backgrounds with one common goal: to protect competition in Canada.

    Your responsibilities as enforcement support may include:

    • evidence handling and preservation;
    • digital intelligence gathering;
    • economic and data analysis; and
    • supporting case teams in many other ways

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